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African Trade Platform regularly invites financiers to plug into advanced-stage deals that require finance players to realise trade transactions. Our sellers and buyers are all verified, and the deals are of a high calibre both in volume and quality. 
African Trade Platform links up trade transactions with financiers around the world, with a very strong focus and speciality in African trade. The scope of financing covers agricultural trade deals, energy trade deals, mining exports funding and manufacturing/processed goods trade deals.


ATP is aware that each financier is guided by a customised mandate. We invite you to create your profile and indicate your financing criteria and compliance requirements. The platform will weigh the fundamentals of live trades with your financier mandate and alert you of possible deals to explore plugging into.

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Parameters in various financier mandates may include:

a. Ideal size of the transactions 

b. Types of products/goods to be financed

c. Type of finance being offered or required:

African Trade Goods Factoring
African Trade Goods Asset-Based Lending
African Trade Goods Supply Chain Finance
African Trade Goods Purchase Order Financing
African Trade Goods Commodity Finance
African Trade Goods Transactional Margin Finance
African Trade Goods Import Finance
African Trade Goods Pre-Export/Bill of Lading Finance
African Trade Goods Debtor Finance
African Trade Goods Letters of Credit

d. Acceptable risk of transactions

African Trade Goods Product risk
African Trade Goods Liquidity of the product if payment is not realised by the buyer
African Trade Goods Perishability of the product
African Trade Goods Location/Country risk
African Trade Goods Track record of the buyer and seller

e. Required credentials of the buyer and seller

African Trade Goods Especially in the case of trade finance where credit insurance is required on the buyer

f. Logistics Insurance