Import quality agricultural, manufacturing & mining products from accredited African suppliers.
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Our platform matches your product with global buyers registered on our platform
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Grow your production capacity, access financing to meet orders apply for capital
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Access verified experienced logistics and freight forwarding partners on the platform today
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Take advantage of new possibilities in African trade.


Suppose you are a buyer looking for products/goods, or a seller searching for a buyer. In that case, the African Trade Platform matches potential traders while linking them with support services such as transactional finance and logistics providers, to enable a smooth process.


ATP partnered with the USAID Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub to boost trade between Sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa and the United States.


If you are a local or international buyer looking for verified products, finance, or logistics for your purchase, then ATP is just for you.


Browse and buy thousands of products from verified suppliers. As a buyer, you can also upload and advertise your product requirements, specification, volume, location and ideal price. Our local and international suppliers will then respond and bid to supply you according to your parameters. (See frequently asked questions by buyers)



ATP helps suppliers by connecting you with local and international verified buyers for your product.


Our platform is accessed by international buyers looking for quality products and produce. As a seller, you simply upload your product description, quality, volume, location and ideal price among other parameters. Our local and international buyers will then respond and bid to purchase either the full consignment or in part. (See frequently asked questions by sellers)



African Trade Platform links up live trade transactions with financiers around the world providing agricultural, manufacturing and trade funding for qualified deals.


Every financier has a different mandate which they follow. ATP matches and qualifies each pending trade with the mandate of each possible financier to enable a seamless, efficient and cost-effective financing process. (See frequently asked questions by financiers)



African Trade Platform connects reputable and pre-qualified logistics providers as possible service providers to live transactions. Register your business today.


We understand that every logistics provider has a different offering based on speciality. Our platform matches the fundamentals of each trade with applicable logistics solutions based on the service provider’s track record, speciality and available equipment and connections as well as logistics quotation and general pricing model. (See frequently asked questions by logistics companies)



Through our daily dealings with African producers, ATP has developed a formidable database of investor-ready entities with a proven performance track record.


Investors can request investment packages based on key metrics and performance data across a wide variety of industries such as agriculture, mining, and technology, to name a few. ATP, in association with our investment partners, works to boost trade by ensuring the success of key players in the export sector. (See frequently asked questions by investors and financiers)


The continental hub for African trade

1African Trade Platform lists products from all over Africa. All products listed are available for purchase and delivery to the global market.

2We carefully vet buyers and sellers to ensure successful transactions and product deliveries, giving much-needed security to deals.

3All our sellers and products are prequalified to ensure product quality and all listing requirements are met and all information is correct.

1African Trade Platform will market your products to thousands of buyers from all over the world at no cost to you directly or indirectly.

2In addition to listings, ATP actively communicates your product availability via numerous newsletters and direct mailers to global buyers.

3All our buyers are expertly vetted and verified. Every bid or offer you receive is from a trusted source that ATP has allowed to access you from within the platform.

1African Trade Platform invites all our registered financiers to take advantage of live transactions requiring financing solutions.

2Based on your mandate, ATP presents you with cases which match to your unique financing parameters and deal prerequisites for higher deal success rates.

3All our sellers, buyers and products are prequalified to ensure product quality and all listing requirements are met and all information is correct. This means that all financing opportunities are highly rated given the parties involved.

1African Trade Platform regularly invites all our registered logistics providers to take advantage of live transactions requiring logistics solutions.

2ATP will match and present you with live deals requiring logistics solutions that match  your logistics speciality and service prerequisites for higher deal success rates.

3All our sellers, buyers and products are prequalified to ensure product quality and all listing requirements are met and all information is correct. This means that all logistics deal opportunities are highly rated given the parties involved.

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The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) provides duty-free treatment to goods of designated sub-Saharan African countries (SSAs). The program dates from 2000 and has the goal of promoting economic growth through good governance and free markets.

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